With Double, craftsmanship and tailoring tradition reach their zenith. Canali’s skilled hands and discerning eye result in impeccably crafted unlined garments with invisible hand-sewn seams.


All the stages of the Double process are performed by hand by workers with long experience in using needle and thread. It is precisely this characteristic that makes the garments original, unique and meticulous. Double fabric consists of two layers joined by a binding thread that is not visible from the outside. The finished fabric is then ‘opened’ with the aid of a special machine equipped with blades that divide the two layers. The resulting flaps are folded and sewn by hand, without applying the lining. Finally, the blind stitch permits precise, delicate work, making the seams invisible.​


A work of clothing art​

Relaxed silhouettes and lightweight fabrics, such as woollen cloth or quilted nylon, result in tailored and upper casual garments with an enveloping softness, which glide over the body, ensuring freedom of movement. The result of authentic savoir-faire combining tradition and innovation, this fine wardrobe rises to the status of an authentic work of clothing art.​