Your life is full of many different events, but only some of them deserve to be cherished in your memory and celebrated with those you love. Getting ready for a special occasion is a bit like experiencing a preview of it and your suit is a key detail because it reflects your style.

You know when it's the right one ​

Whether it’s your wedding, a special event or the suit to celebrate it, it’s great to feel that you’ve found “the right one”. Sophisticated and versatile Canali suits reinterpret the style of special occasions, embodying the perfect balance between modernity and tradition. ​​

A memorable occasion​

Tailored with Canali’s distinctive artisan skill, our creations have always added a touch of class and sophistication to memorable occasions. They are the perfect final touch to enhance every unique moment. One of them will be right for you. Find it in one of our boutiques.​​